Where are your bags made?

Where are your bags made?

Crafted with Care: The Journey of Jack Stillman Bags from Fremantle to Da Nang

Jack Stillman, deeply rooted in Fremantle WA since 2014, is more than just a brand. It's a tale of passion, precision, and persistence. All our products, carefully handmade in limited batches, have their birthplace in our dedicated workshop located in Da Nang, Vietnam.

The Aussie Dilemma

Despite our proud Australian origins, manufacturing our unique designs on home soil isn't feasible. Surprisingly, only a mere 5% of apparel and accessories available in Australian retailers are genuinely manufactured here. The reason? Australia, unfortunately, lags in the comprehensive infrastructure needed for apparel manufacturing, from raw materials to specialized machinery. This isn't about greed or lack of patriotism; it's about finding the best avenue for our vision. Navigate to FashionJournal.com.au or ABC.net.au for deeper insights into the complexities of Australian fashion manufacturing.

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Why Vietnam Shines

Vietnam isn't just another manufacturing hub; it’s a land of opportunities, skilled professionals, and state-of-the-art facilities. Da Nang, our chosen city, thrives with competitive, skilled artisans passionate about their craft. The city's strategic location also grants us access to world-class materials and methodologies, ensuring our products stand out in quality.

Our Ethical Stance

The question of ethics is paramount. In Vietnam, we not only adhere to the government's standards on wages, health insurance, and superannuation, but we go a step further. Recognizing the talent and dedication of our team, we ensure they're rewarded generously with competitive salaries and annual bonuses. Our commitment is clear in the glowing reviews we receive for our products.

Jack Stillman Team Vietnam

Meet the Jack Stillman Vietnam Team. 19 April 2022

A New Perspective on ‘Australian Made’

While the allure of 'Australian Made' is strong, did you know that a whopping 95% of apparel and accessories sold here are actually produced overseas? Being transparent about our operations, we encourage consumers to be informed and make mindful choices. Yes, our creations are brought to life overseas, but their essence is pure Aussie, conceived right here in Fremantle.

We take pride in being a bridge, connecting Australian design brilliance with Vietnamese craftsmanship. We've always believed in transparency, educating our customers and standing apart from brands that often veil their manufacturing origins.

To us, it's more than just a business. It's a commitment to quality, ethics, and a promise to bring you the best from both worlds. For any queries, drop us a line at support@jackstillman.com.au.

See for yourself. Drop in!

If you're visiting Danang and would like to visit our workshop to see where all the magic happens, contact us at support@jackstillman.com.au to arrange a free tour.