Crafting Legacy: The Ethos Behind Every Jack Stillman Bag

Crafting Legacy: The Ethos Behind Every Jack Stillman Bag

A hallmark of excellence isn’t stumbled upon; it’s meticulously crafted. This ethos is at the heart of Jack Stillman’s brand narrative, woven into every product we design and send out to our customers. Our journey over the past six years reflects a passion for quality, durability, and environmental consciousness.

In 2018, a pivot was inevitable. Moving away from the mass-produced allure, our focus shifted to crafting bags with genuine character. Rejecting the modern nylon trend, our commitment was towards unique and sustainably sourced materials.

Unveiling the Essence: Materials that Tell a Story

1. The Leather:

We respect the environment. Hence, our bags use minimal leather. When we do, it’s only top grain, chemical-free. This piece of hide, subjected to natural elements, is the sturdiest. Our traditional vegetable tanning ensures the leather remains untouched by chemicals, retaining its authentic texture and feel. Each leather piece, hand-colored and edged, reflects the artisan's touch, ensuring consistency and minimal waste.

2. The Brass:

We cherish timeless elegance, and nothing exudes this like brass. Unlike inferior metals that tarnish, brass ages gracefully, adding value to the bag over time. Every bag incorporates individual brass pieces, curated with precision.

3. BeesWaxed Canvas:

The allure of our bags lies in the charm of waxed cotton. Coated with beeswax, our canvas offers water resistance while ensuring breathability. It’s natural, maintainable, and, ultimately, biodegradable.

Artisanal Assembly: Small Batches, Monumental Quality

Our workshop thrives on precision. Each bag, crafted in batches of little more than 50, mirrors the expertise of skilled tailors. This slow, deliberate approach might take time, but the resultant product stands testament to our unparalleled commitment to quality.

For the inquisitive mind, we're always here to share more about our processes. Reach out and let us delve deeper into the world of Jack Stillman creations.